The absolute best SEO task

This has to be what we call "search and find" tasks in Google and Bing.

It is an exhaustive process but yields the best results other than spending money on Google Adwords, but that yields more paid search results than organic search results.

I am personally convinced that the more you advertise with Google the more Google becomes “aware” of your keywords and this in turn helps your organic search results. Google say that advertising has no reflection on your page rank, but I would disagree; I have seen many a company advertise and then later appear higher up in organic search results.

Essentially to get onto the first couple of page in Google for your keywords or phrases you HAVE to be popular. Google rates mostly on popularity. No matter how good your website’s “on page” SEO is, popularity (page rank) is king. Google are in the business of listing sites in order of popularity and to some degree relevance to keywords. It is a self fulfilling prophesy that as as soon as you are on top few pages of Google the more likely your site will be clicked and so you are more likely to stay in the those top slots.

The “Search and find” task involves searching for your keywords in Google and then trolling through ALL of Google’s search results pages until you find your site. In one instance of doing this for a client it took searching through 86 pages until we found their site and took almost 10 days in time.

Once found; we  would click on it and then perform the search every day by using  a bookmark for the results of page 86. As time evolved we would have to seek a few pages down from page 86 as the page was slowly being promoted.  Over the course of 3 months with constant “search and find” we moved the website’s position with the same keywords from page 86 to page 20 something. A month later it was regularly appearing on page 3-5.

This task requires a lot of dedication and time.

We haven’t tried this for Bing. Most of our clients have been more interested in Google because it is the pre-loaded search engine on most Android devices (phone and tablets) and the most popular browser in Europe.


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