Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing, is it worth it? We’re asked this question many times. The answer is yes and no. I wouldn’t pay a service for SMO.

Social Media Optimisation in our opinion is wasted time for these reasons:

  1. Links from Twitter use a Tiny URLs – links from tweets to your site use a re-direction service, so it’s useless for any back linking strategy
  2. The target audience on Facebook seems to be those above 40 and again anyone looking for a carpet cleaner isn’t going to look on FB, they’ll perform a Google search instead
  3. Pinterest and Instagram are great for photo sharing, but again who would look there for carpet cleaning in London. It may work if you are in the fashion industry
  4. Press releases are frowned upon by Google as it is seen as self promotion
  5. Companies used to donate to on-line charities to get a quality back links from them as charities often have a high page rank. Again Google doesn’t agree with this technique defining it again as self promotion and can imposes penalties against your domain
  6. Even directory back links are being scrutinised. They only count from Google’s point of view if link back is relevant to your industry. So invest the time to get a proper back link from organisations in your field of expertise and forgo the listings on generic directory sites


What you do need to do is SEO, specifically On Page strategies. Link

Apptelic uses Twitter as it is a good way to promote company news and keep in touch with Clients. We haven’t got any new business from Twitter but it has certainly helped maintain existing relationships.