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Seems you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing social media buttons. Even on non social media sites they want you to tweet about your latest purchase; be it a rail ticket or a purchase from a gadget website.

Social media is a useful tool in marketing and building brand awareness, but if you do it wrong it could be curtains for you!

Don’t start a blog or Twitter account unless you are prepared to follow it through. It requires time and effort. Followers are harsh and could leave unflattering comments.

Have you noticed that a large number of corporate sites are ditching the blog and deleting tweets from their account. I have noticed a trend whereby companies are only displaying tweets from the last 30 days plus a few sticky ones.

Tweet history has got more than a few of politicians in hot water before, their changes in policy are there for all to see!

Which social media you use depends on your target audience. If you are a retailer targeting those aged between 20-40 then Snap Chat is where you need to be. Want to reach the older generation then provide content on Facebook. Have a political axe to grind or have media content look at Twitter and YouTube. There is no one size fits all. They all target different segments of the population, although there is some overlap in audience with a few of them. Pinterest seems to appeal to designers and retailers, mainly due to the artistic nature of their site. It encourages picture and product sharing.

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