Should I forward my domain to web space?

Using a URL / domain forwarding is often required if your domain registry doesn’t allow you to have complete control of your DNS. 1 and 1 do not allow you  to create more than 1 “A” record, which makes it harder to set up alternative services on your domain apart from just using your domain just for your web site.

We use the Apptelic domain for not only our website but have several sub domains including: for our SSL pages, TFS. for our bug tracking; docs. for our Google documents; among others.

Url forwarding is the forwarding of a domain name to a website being hosted somewhere else. Most people might start off with a WordPress web site before getting a domain name. When they get a domain it is often forwarded to that existing WordPress web space. The problem with URL or domain forwarding is it can reduce the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. A lot of SEO reporting is down at the web site level not at the domain level. Try doing a report first on your domain name and then on the URL WordPress gave you for your site. Chances are the report for the web site hosting url might yield better results.

If you have to use a URL / domain forwarding service try and use redirect instead of masked. Masked is nicer as it allows your domain name to show at the top of the browser window but it uses its own keywords, title and description details you assigned when you set up the forwarding, whereas a simple redirect uses the meta tags of the web space it’s being forwarded to. But as many WordPress themes come with SEO plugins, this is a far better option, although your domain name won’t show in the browser. It’s a trade off.

Beware that does not permit you to define your meta tags (SEO Title, Description and Keywords) unless you upgrade to their premium service or purchase premium themes, but this may still be cheaper than paying for web site at the place where you registered your domain name. I believe to upgrade WordPress is $2.99 a month.

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