Nokia to launch Android Phones

Nokia are said to be launching an Android Smart Phone this Quarter. With Microsoft buying their Windows Phone division a couple of years ago and with the demise of the Windows Phone market, Nokia strikes back with an Android version, called the “P1”.

We’ve always liked Nokia phones, robust and easy to use. We’re hoping their Android Phone doesn’t disappoint. Their sliding home screen tiles on the Windows Phone was great. We’re interested to see how their new Android Phone home screen will look and feel. Personally I’m not a fan of a home screen full of app icons like typical Android phones do as well as Apple. I think it looks cluttered and I can never find anything!

Rumour has it Nokia may also offer retro phones. Many people are shying away from smartphones and returning to a phone that just makes calls. Seems our lives are too complicated and we just want a simple phone to make calls! Now that most people have access to a tablet there is less of a reason to have all those smart features crammed into a phone.

More info is available here.


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