Do I really need an app?

Apps are critical for branding and promotion. Most web sites can now be created as responsive websites and can adapt for different screen sizes but the user-ability of navigating on a mobile device is not good. An app provides a hamburger menu which makes moving from page to page easier than stretching the screen to use the traditional web site menu on a mobile device.

An App will also have a icon which you can place on your home screen and makes launching the program easier. If your solution is only provided as a desktop or traditional webpage solution your smart phone users would then need to make your web site an Internet  favourite on phone. These favourites are not as easy to navigate to as a dedicated app icon which could be placed on their home screen.

Pay a little extra and get an app. You don’t need a full app. A wrapper app will do – this wraps around your website and presents it on a mobile device as an app with native features like a native (hamburger) menu. More on wrapper apps or hybrid apps (another term widely used on-line) here.

Apptelic hybrid apps


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