Collaboration Tools, which one?

Every project needs managing and there are a number of tools to choose from. Here are just a few we’ve tried:

  1. Basecamp – simple structure, easy upload of documents. You can add to dos but you really can’t track them. Quite expensive these days at $99 a month for a small company. Great for larger organisations as it offers unlimited users and unlimited projects for that $99. Free for schools and discounts for charities. Lots of integration with other services. Has no IM but emailing of discussions is quick and allows you to keep a record in Basecamp as well as in your email inbox. Clients tend to like this service the best.
  2. Trello – my personal favourite. Allows you to break tasks into smaller chunks and move them from one column to another based on what has been completed so far. Colour coding of tasks is good. Free for personal use otherwise $9.99 per user. A post it note look and feel, kan ban style for moving tasks between columns.
  3. Glip – a cross between Basecamp and Trello with video. Video idea is a good idea but in practice we really didn’t use that feature. Does tasks, calendar events, notes and file storage. Free for personal use otherwise $10 per user per month. Tasks are just a list, you are not able to move them from a doing column to a done column. Part of ring central, so a lot of emphasis on video. Lots of plugins available for other complimentary services.
  4. Slack – Good basic project management with IM. Can’t really give up the Trello Kan ban though 🙁
    Slack has a good set of  team features with a directory of members and list of files to share. Personally I don’t like the user interface. We used begrudgingly for one particular customer. Each to their own! Free for small businesses and $6.67 per user per month for greater security, increased archiving, storage and video calls.

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