fuzzy marketing and SEO by Apptelic

What is fuzzy marketing?

Fuzzy marketing is thinking outside of the box. Doing things differently. Advertising taken to a new level. Sounds simple enough but in practice it is hard to implement. The classic case was L’eggs tights sold in egg type cardboard boxes by the check-out at US supermarkets. New packaging made buying tights fun again and increased sales. […]

domain names

Additional domain names

Additional domain names are important, they offer you another channel for customers to reach your main web site with. They can boost your SEO campaign. They allow you to have email which could be used just for staff. Morgan Stanley uses their full domain name (morganstanley.com) for customers and email enquiries but many of their staff […]

SEO by apptelic

SEO and Images

Images are very important for SEO. They allow you to attach keywords to them. Use image tags and alternative text for as many images as you can. Also try and use the correct image size for your page. Most sites will resize images to fit but that can affect your load times. A slower load […]