Apptelic Success Reward Tesla

Want a Tesla!

Not only do I want a Tesla, I want the one with the gullwing doors. Yes, they are said to be problematic but I NEED this not just want this. We currently drive an Infinity hybrid and the electric usage from the battery accounts for about 50% of our fuel. It would be lovely to […]

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March Party

All the members of DIG are getting together at the end of March for a party. DIG is a collection of digital agencies. We link up together to bid on larger projects which we wouldn’t ordinarily approach on our own. We have a diverse amount of skills between us. We think it is better to […]

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Scrum Master

Apptelic’s developers have been using the Agile / Scrum methodology and practices for several years. They have used and continue to use collaborative tools like Git, Jira, Basecamp, Trello and Slack to ensure development for client projects run smoothly without any blockages. The tools track all releases, bug-fixes, updates and provides storage space to archive all […]

fuzzy marketing and SEO by Apptelic

What is fuzzy marketing?

Fuzzy marketing is thinking outside of the box. Doing things differently. Advertising taken to a new level. Sounds simple enough but in practice it is hard to implement. The classic case was L’eggs tights sold in egg type cardboard boxes by the check-out at US supermarkets. New packaging made buying tights fun again and increased sales. […]