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Apptelic Ltd. was formed in 2011 to develop mobile and desktop applications for Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Xbox One. Today we develop native and wrapper apps and responsive websites. We enjoy what we do and love to take on new and challenging projects with our clients.  To be more cost effective for our clients we offer remote working solutions. Consider us your remote-in-house developer. We just can’t share a cup of coffee with you!


Apptelic is a Microsoft BizSpark graduate, Xamarin Partner and registered Nokia Developer. As a Microsoft Vendor we have provided solutions for their global clients as well as working with their internal teams on their own projects and services.

Responsive Websites

We build responsive, mobile ready websites using WordPress, as it offers an extensive range of templates, plug-ins and customisation tools.

Native Apps

We specialise in building fully native apps which offer maximum performance, responsiveness and snappy animations. They are custom-built using your branding and existing back-end services or we can create a new cloud hosted service for you.

Webview or Wrapper App

A Typical Webview App is published in the store just like a fully native app, but they are just a wrapper around your existing responsive website bundled up to appear like a native one. They offer a cost effective mobile solution and can be delivered for both Android and Apple iOS. They essentially provide an icon or tile on mobile home screens for a quick link to your website. A native app works independently from your website and can work on-line or offline, whereas a wrapper app need to be connected to the internet at all times.


Apptelic is specialised in C#, .NET, XAML, MVVM, Xamarin, ASP.NET, MVC, Angular, NodeJS, JavaScript & TypeScript, and Azure hosted cloud solutions. Our web knowledge extends from WordPress to DNS configurations, domain forwarding, email services and newsletter generation.

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