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Apptelic Ltd. was formed in 2011 to develop mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Xbox One. We enjoy what we do and love to take on new and challenging projects for our clients. Consider us you remote-in-house developers. We just can’t share a cup of coffee with you!

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We also develop desktop, database & cloud services.


Apptelic is a partner in the Microsoft Ecosystem Insider Program, a Microsoft BizSpark graduate, and as a Microsoft Vendor we have provided solutions to their clients as well as worked with their development teams on internal projects. Apptelic is also a Xamarin Partner and registered Nokia Developer.

Native Apps

We specialise in building fully native apps which offers maximum performance, responsiveness and smooth & snappy animations. Native apps are custom-built to use your branding and to work with your existing back-end services or we can create the necessary cloud services for you.

Hybrid Apps

Typical Hybrid Apps are published in the app store just like fully native apps, but they are just a wrapper around your existing responsive website bundled up to appear like an app. They offer a cost effective mobile solution and can be delivered for both Android and iOS. They are referred to as "webview" apps.

Advanced Hybrid Apps

Our Advanced Hybrid Apps combine a webview solution with Native components; native menus and native navigation for a better user experience. They behave more like an app than a webview and allows for greater interaction between the two. The app and your website can share the same back end solutions for content delivery and management.

Work for Hire

Apptelic develops apps and solutions for mobile, desktop, Xbox and cloud services. We build solutions on a "work for hire" arrangement (wherein the client retains all intellectual property) and we typically invoice on a bi-weekly basis. Please enquire for rates. Our engineers are specialised in C#, .NET, XAML, MVVM, Xamarin, ASP.NET, MVC, Angular, NodeJS, JavaScript & TypeScript, and Azure cloud solutions.


Apptelic has advanced experience implementing analytics, push notifications (for updates, news and offers), single sign-on, social integration and video players with captions, subtitles and ad insertions in any mobile app as well as Xbox, cloud and desktop solutions.


We develop apps using the Microsoft / Xamarin tools which enable multi-platform mobile app development with a large amount of code sharing across platforms, resulting in significant reduction in cost and time-to-market compared to building separate apps for each platform in different languages and with different tools. Any app we build to initially target a specific platform, for instance Android, can easily be adapted in the future to work on other platforms, such as iOS, Windows or even Xbox One.


Email us directly: devs @ or use form below. All SEO, Outsourcing and other Marketing emails are unsolicited and deleted immediately.

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